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No one cares what you say on the web.

Only relevance matters, and you will never know when it’s important for them need it. The truth is, whoever reads your “stuff” will do so because it is relevant to them at a point in time that is relevant to them, not you.

However, how do you know when to be relevant?

Where am I on the web, what am I doing, what do I want to know about and what tech am I using to get to it? What motivates me to read what you have to say over what someone else has to say? How do you tap into my “method” to expose me to what you have to say?

It would appear that there are 4 ways into the web:

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There are no short cuts on the web – just like a synthetic diamond.

You can’t short cut a real Diamond.

I’m no Diamond expert. I tried to become one when I bought Vanessa her engagement ring, but what I learned was minuscule compared to the vast knowledge base needed to become an industry leader.

So what’s the difference between a “real” diamond and a “manufactured” diamond?

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When relevance came of age.

So as we speak (March 2011) we have 2 billion actively using the web. Social networking has delivered a whole new pattern of “creating interest”. The nature of Web 1.0, as a shop, has been superseded by social media, which in turn is getting superseded by personalised information stream of algorithms and interest charts. In short we have information at our fingertips, lots of information, in fact, arguably, too much information – if there can be such a thing!

The thing is if you split the “information streams” into their “understood” use, then we have many different ways in which people will come into any information ecosystem.

And this is driven by relevance.

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