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What is “Positively Disruptive”?

We (globally), in case you hadn’t noticed, are in an economic whirlwind. Not only that but we’re in “turmoil” with a change in society – driven by “digital”.

It would appear, from the explanation given to me, that in times of recession the businesses that do well are the ones that are positively disruptive – i.e they bring to the table a difference that is up-held by the need of the people.

Recession is brought on by a lack of confidence, therefore, if you reverse the lack of confidence you should get the return of confidence.

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Attention is the commodity.

Attention used to be able to be bought. But not anymore.

Before the web went social (2000) attention wasn’t the commodity, in stead he commodity was the “space” you could buy to reach the population.

This is nothing unusual, to date marketing has thrived on this notion. Buy the space, shout the loudest, and hope the message sticks.

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Normal is not normal. #wn2011

What’s Next 2011? Why is there a social media tsunami coming? Permit me to explain. Firstly, let’s understand the term “social media”.  It’s nothing new.  In fact, I would argue that it is quite old!  Moreover, I would also argue that everyone of you reading this is already an expert in it! Reason:  because social [...]

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