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iPadivity 3 – The demise of the shiny box.

When you come home from work do you “connect to the electrical grid”? Or do you just put the kettle on?

I could imagine that all those years ago when electricity was invented that it was really quite exciting to use it – it was a shiny box! I mean all of a sudden we have access to power “at our finger tips”. Alas, I don’t suppose there were many things to power initially! I mean no one invents the battery charger and then invents electricity to run it in that order.

The “challenge” to invent electricity might have been fueled by the need for light, but you had to have one first to have the other.

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iPadivity 2 – The curse of the beige box ….

Unless you were born pre-1990, computers and people tend not to mix.

Alright, so that’s a bit of a sweeping statement. However, there is an element of truth in it.

Why? So the computer was invented in 1822 (albeit the “difference engine” and the “analytical engine” some years later) by Charles Babbage but it was, arguably, “brought together” (as Babbage did not build his machine) during the second world war by Alan Turin and Tommy Flowers, to name just a few.

After the war, “Colossus” was taken up by the military to calculate ballistic trajectories. IBM then stated that computers were great but there will only ever need to be 5 computers worldwide. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak thought rather differently to that and invented the PC. And Bill Gates came along and said he wanted “Windows” powered PC’s on every desk” – and he succeeded.

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iPadivity. The trouble with computers

We’re changing.

We’re always changing.

Something is making us change – and it will touch all of us.

The web is about 18 years old and, in the beginning, we called it web 1.0. But the trouble with web 1.0 was that we could only “download” stuff – we couldn’t interact with it. We couldn’t comment on it, share it, or aggregate it. For us to get anything out of it we had to trust the source! We “surfed the web” randomly.

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