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Are we talking about the web, people, social media, apps or .. well what?

Let me give you my idea of what’s going on.

And it’s not social media, well not directly. It’s the web and technology and augmentation of, what is, our normal existence.

Being social is not new, being efficient is also not new, doing stuff is not new either.

What is new is technology and the web.

Firstly people like to be social- it’s part of our genetic makeup, we can’t help it, we just do it. We do it at work, at home and all the places in-between.

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iPadivity. The trouble with computers

We’re changing.

We’re always changing.

Something is making us change – and it will touch all of us.

The web is about 18 years old and, in the beginning, we called it web 1.0. But the trouble with web 1.0 was that we could only “download” stuff – we couldn’t interact with it. We couldn’t comment on it, share it, or aggregate it. For us to get anything out of it we had to trust the source! We “surfed the web” randomly.

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Why do the English call it by what it does but the Americans call it by what it is?

We’re talking about a phone.
In the U.K. we call the object that you carry with you everywhere, couldn’t live without a “mobile phone” and yet in America they call it a “Cell”.
On one hand it’ referred to by what it does and on the other it’s referred to by what it is! At this point we could go into a diatribe of the difference between the countries but that’s not my intention. On the contrary my point is “ipad-ivity”. I’ll get to that in a minute.

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