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An habitual use of the web – or delivery method?

12 percent of workers indicated that the iPad has “completely replaced” their traditional laptop
54 percent said the iPad has “partly” replaced their laptop, and instead complements it on the go
Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that they ‘carry their laptop around less’ now that they own an iPad
The iPad has had less of an effect on desktop PCs, where just 6 percent of respondents said the iPad has “completely” replaced their desktop, while 33 percent said the iPad has “partly” replaced their desktop

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Mobile supports ecommerce more than a desktop.

1. Beyond the demographics, the iPad’s interactivity (aka touchscreen) may make shopping easier than desktop, despite the smaller screen size. A 2011 study reported that 52% of tablet owners prefer to shop online using their tablets, while 40% preferred using a traditional computer.

2. Mobile Shoppers Are More Focused.

Mobile searchers and shoppers are task-focused and more specific in what they’re seeking.
In contrast, a full desktop site is packed with brand-related content, community interaction, company information and detailed research methods. Mobile, on the other hand, is lean, mean and clean.

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Desert Island iPad apps – what would yours be?

So your marooned on a desert island, but you have your iPad. However, there is a catch – you can only have x3 apps.

Which apps would you have:

a. assuming there was an internet connection.

b. assuming (more likely) there is no internet connection.

(Remember Radio’s Desert Island Discs)

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