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What is a business card now we have Google?

A physical token of us having met.
That’s what a business card is now – isn’t it?
Things aren’t the way they used to be, but they’re still there – they just have a different meaning.
Take the humble business card. Really what does it represent? You? Maybe it does, but in the world of the web if I want to find you, I mean really want to find you, I can and I will and with better detail by Googling your name.

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Social media is crap.

But is it?
One thing is for sure, it would seem that there is a lot of debate on the web and it would also appear that the term “Marketing” and “Social Media” are being used in the same sentence.
Question: Should they?
I would argue that if they are, then it is crap. I can say this because most of the “marketeers” that I know would wish that it did or still see it as an opportunity to do so.
I’m not a marketeer, never have been, but from what I can see Marketing stands for this: See a “channel” (an opportunity to be exposed to great numbers of people), go with a budget and create a “campaign”, then calculate the “ROI”, take the profit and do it again.
There is nothing wrong with this.

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Blogging: What’s it all about then?

It is my humble opinion that blogging is the cornerstone of a nutritious social web diet. It is the backbone of everything you do and that you are on-line. My reason for saying this is such: Only 14% of people trust advertising whereas 78% of people trust community, peer, or friend review. These reviews and recommendations are coming from, among other places, the humble blog.
Question: Are you being found, talked about, and shared into other people’s networks? Because that is where the real magic of the social web happens!
Below is my guide to best practice.

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