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The future of the web.

The web. People. Digital products. The web is not about computers, or even code. It’s about people. People make the web not sites or apps. And the people are voting. Google says that ‘mobile, video and social networks’ will be the dominant force on the web as we approach 2013 – and I’d agree with [...]

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What is “Positively Disruptive”?

We (globally), in case you hadn’t noticed, are in an economic whirlwind. Not only that but we’re in “turmoil” with a change in society – driven by “digital”.

It would appear, from the explanation given to me, that in times of recession the businesses that do well are the ones that are positively disruptive – i.e they bring to the table a difference that is up-held by the need of the people.

Recession is brought on by a lack of confidence, therefore, if you reverse the lack of confidence you should get the return of confidence.

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The curious case of the Singing Pig, the Troll, and identity theft. #property

Transparency. The word is used a lot and with justification. After all the web does not lie. It remembers everything. It rewards and favours, and it can sack and destroy.

People can lie and plagarise/steal but the web will always reveal them. It is hard to hide.

A lesson from the web.

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