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What happens to your data when you die?

However, keeping all that digital data in an on-line filofax (i.e together) will not only keep your day-to-day existence in order but also allow anyone, at any point in time, to jump in and take over what you have started. Just hand over one set of log-ins and they have access to a dashboard running your entire business, most of it automated. Simples!!

No business can rely on one person. That is far too dangerous and risky.

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What is “Positively Disruptive”?

We (globally), in case you hadn’t noticed, are in an economic whirlwind. Not only that but we’re in “turmoil” with a change in society – driven by “digital”.

It would appear, from the explanation given to me, that in times of recession the businesses that do well are the ones that are positively disruptive – i.e they bring to the table a difference that is up-held by the need of the people.

Recession is brought on by a lack of confidence, therefore, if you reverse the lack of confidence you should get the return of confidence.

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Survival is not enough. It will kill you.

Survival is not enough.

It will kill you.

Times they are a’ changing. Yesterday I was commenting on a blog where someone was “kicking” twitter. There’s nothing wrong with this – after all everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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