beach huts at Portland Bill

Beach huts at Portland Bill, there's many of them and, surprisingly, sell for around £30k!

Still beach huts seem to be ingrained into the English phycology as "fish and chips" and "tat shops" by the seaside.

They can come in many shapes and colours, sizes and "add ons" – but the feel of them remains the same no matter where you are in the country.

These ones are by the lighthouse "Portland Bill" (red and white stripes, the other one is now a bird sanctuary, museum, and information centre). You can find the "isle of Portland" near Weymouth in Dorset located towards the end of "Chesil Beach".

Google Map – -

Well worth a visit.


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  • Beach huts have become seaside icons. They may be small structures with basic facilities but we still love them. They feel quintessentially British, combining a shelter from our changeable weather with a place to brew a mug of tea. They’re nostalgic and trendy at the same time, a phenomenon which has turned them into surprisingly hot property. Behind these colourful buildings is a history stretching back to the invention of the seaside.
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