Attention is the commodity.

Attention used to be able to be bought. But not anymore.

Before the web went social (2000) attention wasn’t the commodity, in stead the commodity was the “space” you could buy to reach the population.

This is nothing unusual, to date marketing has thrived on this notion. Buy the space, shout the loudest, and hope the message sticks.

The trouble is marketers don’t know where we are on the web, so they don’t know which “space” to buy! ┬áMoreover, even if they did buy the correct “space” we, as consumers, have become very good at switching these “adverts” off.

This means that attention has become the commodity.

And the irony of it is this is quite easy to predict. Give people what they want, not what you want them to have.

This way your site will gain attention and, by default, have a stake in the commodity.


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