Are we talking about the web, people, social media, apps or .. well what?

Let me give you my idea of what’s going on.

And it’s not social media, well not directly. It’s the web and technology and augmentation of, what is, our normal existence.

Being social is not new, being efficient is also not new, doing stuff is not new either.

What is new is technology and the web.

Firstly people like to be social- it’s part of our genetic makeup, we can’t help it, we just do it. We do it at work, at home and all the places in-between.

At work we are very social.  Most businesses don’t want to know this, but we are anyway. In fact if we weren’t social at work then no business would be done, there would be no ROI – by default if you don’t communicate how can you do business?!

You can’t walk up to someone and punch them in the face and then say “please sign the contract here”.  I don’t think i have ever heard of anyone getting away with that one!

What you can do is what you always have:  you “court” the prospect. You build rapport and trust.   He gets to know you, you get to know him and business gets done because you can solve a problem for him.  You’ve listened, you understand his “pain”, and you have the answer.

This action is social and always has been. It’s just this social is done off-line.

Now consider this:

Starbucks starts accepting mobile payments nationwide (US).

Why would they do this? People have money in their pockets, why would Starbucks spend so much on creating this “app”?

Reason: More and more people are focusing on tech as part of their daily routine as a whole -  than anything else.

Think about it.  The phone in your pocket is your camera, phone, text service, e-mail, web browser, book, magazine, video, audio player, tool box, document reader, document creator, communicator … and now you can pay for a coffee.

This is normal. It’s as normal as what we always did before we had tech. Granted we have gone through a period of change, but the change has been made.

Starbucks saw that people are using tech more and more, so they created a method to get involved. So not only do they have a really neat way of taking money but they accept that the social web is about that: Social.

And as I said above, without social there is no business. It’s just that social nowadays is done via tech – and it will deliver an ROI, it always has and it always will.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please do join us at What’s Next 2011 to meet like-minded people and see what’s coming and how your business can leverage tech and the social web.

Nick Tadd

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