An habitual use of the web – or delivery method?

IDG Connect. The “iPad for Business Survey 2012″

  • 12 percent of workers indicated that the iPad has “completely replaced” their traditional laptop
  • 54 percent said the iPad has “partly” replaced their laptop, and instead complements it on the go
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that they ‘carry their laptop around less’ now that they own an iPad
  • The iPad has had less of an effect on desktop PCs, where just 6 percent of respondents said the iPad has “completely” replaced their desktop, while 33 percent said the iPad has “partly” replaced their desktop
  • The most common use of the iPad among professionals is Web browsing, which 79 percent said they “always” use the device for. Reading followed closely with 76 percent, news consumption had 73 percent, and work communication earned 54 percent.
  • In all, 91 percent of professionals who own an iPad said they use the device at work — 51 percent “always” use their iPad at work, while 40 percent said it is used there “sometimes.” And the iPad has quickly become IT professionals’ go-to device for computing on the go, as 79 percent said they “always” use their iPads outside of their home.

The above information was courtesy of IDG connect and Appleinsider

So it would seem that the web is augmenting our daily existence. But is it the web or is it the delivery method?

For thousands of years humans have been seeking a smarter way, whatever that might be. And it would appear that we have one.

Our overwhelming urge to learn, engage, cherish and nurture, within a daily existence have come together in one format – a digital tablet. The ‘always on’ connection to the web, with apps that defragment our daily existence and give us what we what when we want it.

This, it would seem, is the new norm and yet it still never ceases to amaze me how business users still don’t see the digital world for what it is. Moreover, what it can do for them as well as their customers.

It’s not what is being delivered that is important but how it’s delivered. The wrapper, it seems, has more value than the sweetie!


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