It is no secret that I have this passion for the web, and there is no secret that I have a desire to learn more – after all non of us are experts, merely participants – maybe participants with experience, but participants nontheless.

I don’t know where the web will go. I don’t know if I will be using a phone in 12 months or a “communicator”. How will I use the web? How will I transact on the web? How will I work on the web?. How will this effect my life, family, time – what I do know is that it has, it will and it’s there.

The web moves in dog years, seven times faster than normal years, so as much as it may be 20, in reality it acts like 70. It’s wisened. It demands respect and it deserves it.

Social media is the heart of the web, the ability to share to thousands in no time at all. We live in a world of “augmented reality” and unless someone works out a way of turning off the internet, it’s not going away. It’ll just get bigger and more all-encompassing. It will touch more and more of our daily lives – “augmented reality” is no longer just a phrase out of a sci-fi comic.

But as much as being “social” is an obvious endevour, working it into your “everyday” world is something else. However, it does not have to be difficult – with application.

Everything starts with a conversation, off line or on line, business and social.

But what do you want it to do? Where do you want the conversation to go? What do you want to gain out of it? What do you want other people to gain out of it?

It all makes a difference.

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